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Career Counselors' course

Position of Career Counselor1 hour15 min
Diagnostics by tests, analysis and compiling results1 hour1 hour
Techniques used during consultation1 hour45 min
The rules and the basics of conducting workshops (time management, self-knowledge, conflict management, prevention)1 hour3-4 hours
Technique of behavioral analysis and its criteria, drawing up characteristics1 hour1 hour
Rules of conducting games, contests and business cases1 hour2-3 hours
Time6 hours8 hours

Our Services

MAPP — Determines: potential occupation, personal qualities, mathematical capacity and ability to learn languages. The report of this test consists from 30 pages. Your personal test results are assessed for more than 1000 professions, and the Test will identify 10 most suitable professions.

We are the official distributors of More than 3,500 partners, including career counselors, coaches, firms, universities and higher education institutions, use MAPP to obtain information and advise their current and future students and clients.

The reliability and validity of the test was 95 percent with the initial testing of respondents. The result of the reliability of re-testing the same reporters according to the professions was 90 percent. 

Behavioral Test. A four-sector behavioral model for observing people’s behavior within particular situation. It serves to be an ideal tool in the appointment of positions, organization of teamwork and allocation of responsibilities. The report of this test gives a report of 15 pages to determine the behavioral model in a particular field of activity.

Psychological test. The model is based on the distinction of 16 types of personalities. It allows you to learn more about yourself both from the inside and outside. Identifies suitable professions from the 6 most common fields of activity. In addition, it shows what kind of relationship you can have with other personality types.

Interpretation of the test results, as well as assistance in solving difficulties in choosing a profession, to dispel doubts, to solve possible problems between parents and children, to identify all the problematic aspects associated with the choice of profession.

A set of activities aimed at self-knowledge: to determine level of leadership skills, communication skills, creativity and critical thinking.

During the mentorship program, we will organize individual, step-by-step online meetings with experienced professionals and experts. The mentor reveals basics of his profession, specifics of the work and gives homework assignment. During the last session, the mentor assesses the student’s homework, and they jointly develop a career growth plan. Our mentors work in national and international companies, they are successful entrepreneurs, and are always ready to give advise to youth.

The practical part of our services is necessary to provide an environment for getting complete understanding of any occupation. The internship program (2, 3 week) will help you to try on the profession for yourself and decide whether this profession suits you. A volunteering program in social enterprises and children’s centers will help develop social responsibility. Field trips and guest lectures play an important role in the choice of professions.

For whom?

For 7-11 grade students

For psychologists and career counselors

For parents

For School Adminintration

Author and host of the training

Dautova Zhadyra

Senior Psychologist of Career Vision, Behavioral analyst, author of manuals for children, mentor at the orphanage in Astana.


Dautova Zhadyra

In 2010-2015, as a student, she worked in schools for gifted children as a tutor and volunteer. Special attention was devoted to individual consultations with teenage students, and as the thesis has chosen this relevant topic. During the study of this issue, as well as in practice she highlighted the features of development and communication skills of teenage students. In the last year of the bachelor in 2014-2015 academic year she worked as a teacher of self-cognition and a psychologist-consultant in The Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum for gifted girls of Astana. From 2015 to 2017 she worked in children's development centers, was a co-author of manuals for children on intellectual development and in 2017 received a Master's degree in Psychology at the University of al-Farabi KazNU, where her master's work was the study of intellectual characteristics of children of primary school age. In parallel, she worked as a psychologist-consultant on the helpline 150 for people who have been subjected to domestic violence. 

  The last 4 years of her career Zhadyra devoted to the study of professional self-determination, intellectual development and choice of future career choice, worked with adolescents, young people and children with special needs. Since the beginning of 2018 she has been conducting private practice and at the same time she is studying in the psychotherapy at the Moscow Gestalt Institute.

"Today mostly parents and children are worried about future career choice. I quite frequently witness parent-child conflicts based on misunderstandings and fears of an unrealized future. Children do not want to choose the path proposed by their parents, because they do not always understand the specifics and responsibilities of this pacticularly suggested profession. And parents, in turn, do not understand the younger generation, who do not need to get a diploma to find a dream job, who want to take a GAP-year (a break between graduation and admission to University, which can be spent on finding their favorite business), or choose a profession that is not quite clear to parents. My task is not just to help determine the choice, but also to find common ground between the choice of the child and the parent to come to a common decision."

Project manager

Ydyrys Mariyam

Senior project manager, is one of the founders of the center. Mariyam received a master’s degree in public administration.


Ydyrys Mariyam

From 2014 to 2016, Mariyam worked as a student consultant at Nazarbayev University. To improve students' productivity, team of consultants administered trainings on the topics: Time Management, How to create the perfect resume, and how to write a motivation letter. In the summer of 2015 she took a couse named “Behavior of teenagers at school and at home” at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the USA. In 2014, she became a graduate of the US Department of State Women's Leadership Development program in Washington.

"During the master's program at the National University of Singapore, I actively researched the field of education, consulting and career guidance for the Singapore model. The Education and Career Guidance program at the Ministry of Education of Singapore focuses on the practical part of career counseling. Upon arrival in Kazakhstan, I had the motivation to launch a project that will help in determining future profession of youth in Astana."


Akhguli Khusayan

Psychological counselor of Career Vision, has done MBA degree from the University of Karnataka in India in Calcutta.


Akhguli Khusayan

During  2013-2017, she has been working in psychological and therapeutic activities for students  with Behavioral Disorders. She uses a range of evidence-based psychological interventions in her individually tailored treatment plans, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), and play therapies for children.

  In 2007, she received a degree in psychological guidance and counseling from Ege University  in  Izmir in Turkeу.  In the same year she started working as a psychological counselor and  social worker at  Empathy school in Mongolia. Her responsibilities involved career guidance for students, and trainings on the topics: how to improve students self awareness, how to built students self esteem, adolescent Puberty Problems, parent child communication. 

"I have a strong interest in working with individuals across the lifespan from young children and adolescents, especially for students  will be helpful choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead.  And also, i work with couples,  families (divorsed) and the elderly, providing counselling treatment for all forms of anxiety,as well as depression, self-esteem, behavioural and emotional problems."

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At this seminar, each participant will be able to learn, understand themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses, to learn their problems, which it is difficult to cope with alone.

A useful and interactive seminar that demonstrates effective strategies for conflict resolution.

This seminar is useful for psychologists, teachers and parents. Practical tools for prevention of unacceptable human behavior are given.

Time management plays essential role in daily life. It is important to realize that this is not just a set of mandatory rules and techniques, it is a lifestyle. If you ask yourself what you want to achieve in life, who you want to become in 10 years and realize that your goal is to become successful, you cannot achive it without efficient time management. 

People with high PQ earn more money, achieve victory in negotiations more often, overcome failures more easily, get tired less, get sick less often and generally feel happier. What is PQ?

This is the coefficient of positive intelligence. The higher it is, the more active your mind acts as your ally. The lower, the more often turns into a vile saboteur. In this seminar you will:- learn to calculate and block mental schemes that prevent you from achieving success;

— create an inner Sage who will help you act with maximum efficiency; — learn how to transform failures into victories;

— you will be able to fix your PQ at an optimally high level;

— understand how to move from short-term success to long-term success;

— reveal the natural potential given to you by 100%. 

Everyone experiences stress at one point or another in their daily lives. However, not everyone understands just how important it is to know how to overcome it. Knowing how to effectively manage one’s stress will help improve their health and mood, along with boosting their immune system. in this seminar you will learn how to manage the stress.

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Our 2-days training

1 day program

  • 1. Test + behavioural team building
  • 2. Ice-breakers
  • 3. Seminar "SELF-AWARENESS: How to know yourself? "
  • 4. Master class "wish Map"
  • 5. Case study (scenario planning)
  • 6. Role play «Job interview»

2 day program

  • 1. Personal consultations with each participant
  • 2. The total summing up


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